I’m obsessed with the song “Fire”, by Queen Bee.


June Bread

Hey internet. I made bread. First time with my new baking pan that has a cover, so it’s proper shokupan.


I just thought you should know.

Happy Pride

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Flyin' Bamboo

Hey, so I’m a big fan of Felix Colgrave. He makes weird and lovely cartoons. And he made a lovely music video for a song called “Flyin’ Bamboo”. I put that song on this morning while I was out walking the dog and it lifted me up. So I’m here to offer it to you. A lovely video and a lovely song that hopefully pick you up a little bit.

re. Felix Colgrave: You should watch Double King and Throat Notes for starters.

re. Flyin’ Bamboo: It’s from the compilation album Puzzles vol. 3. The whole album is a fun weird experience.

How my cube colours work

I wanted to do something fun with the timestamping of the posts on this blog. The old blog had a cute script that would place and colour a circle based on the time, sort of reflecting where the sun would have been in the sky. I even used a library to figure out when the sunset would have been on that day and time, in Toronto, and put in some sunset colours as appropriate.



It’s been more than three months since I started at Shopify. And one day longer since I revived this blog.


Stale thoughts on ups and downs

Shit. I mean shoot. It’s February. Hi. Having (re-)started this blog, literally hours before my first day at my new job, and having not yet returned to Earth from the 4 weeks of vacation in Japan I got to indulge in, it doesn’t surprise me that I somewhat miscalculated how much energy I’d be able to bring to bare vis-a-vis blogging. I even, adorably, imagined I would come right back and finish the styling and stuff for this site. You know, stuff like an about page so you might even know who the hell I am. From where I stand now, the prospect of making meaningful and (critically) positive changes to this site’s css feels like standing at the foot of a sheer cliff. And the perfect thing to get 1/8th of the way in to as a way of deferring this writing.