Winter Walk

When we first moved to Nova Scotia we had one car and it wasn't very good. Winters were very isolating. They were colder and snowier too, I think.

I remember one time when my mom, my brother and I walked to the convenience store. It was a 4 kilometre walk along the shoulder of the backroad that was our only road. It was the day after a big snowstorm. The sky was blue and the wind was low. The snow made the walking harder. We didn't see anybody on the road until about halfway to the store, when we saw a strange angular structure crest the next hill. I remember it felt like it took a long time to come close. It was the home dune buggy contraption of Danny, the recluse who lived in the woods around there. I can't remember if we waved as he drove by.

What I remember is the silhouette of a black trapezoid rising up over the hill with white snow and spruce trees and blue sky all around.