Unhelpful Anger

Man, I just read this TorStar story about a hit and run and I'm just mad. I don't have a reasoned opinion. I want to beat in the brains of the driver of that car.

Here's what I think. Drivers: you blew it. You had this incredible luxury, and you were a bunch of stupid assholes about it so now it's done. All your licenses are revoked. If you want to drive your car, get in line for your new license. Only this time the tests will be harder. You'll have to demonstrate that you're the sort of person who should be entrusted with a giant killing machine. And if you want to drive your SUV, you're going to have to find four other people to rid with you or you'll be taken off the road. Those who do not need to drive four people around regularly are invited to buy smart cars. Or bicycles.