Good Deeds In The New Year

I've fashioned myself as a pessimist and claimed to be a "realist", but in truth, I am an optimist. I believe things will work out. Even with every piece of bad news and every sign of bad omens, I still assume that it'll all be ok in the end. I believe that in the long run things will move from less good to more good.

On the other hand, I'm also scared. I think that the dip we're navigating into might go pretty deep before we rise up on the other side. Positive outcomes "in the long run" still allow for a lot of misery in the interim. Let's take care of each other.

I have all sorts of personal agendas for the coming year. I want to fix up my house. I want to get my finances in order. I want to do right by my sweet boyfriend. But I think my New Year's Resolution is to expand my sphere of empathy. I have not done well at this, and I think now is the time to change that. The poorer I get, the more clear it becomes that I'm still incredibly rich, all things considered. Maybe that will all go away and I'll be shivering in a lean-to this time next year, so now's the time to find some generosity inside my greedy little self.

Resolving to do something good isn't exactly original, but it's exciting, because I have a lot of opportunities in front of me now that I've actually made the decision.

2009 is looking good so far!