Bell wants to start billing its resellers (like TekSavvy) extra for usage over 60GB per user. Basically, they'd like to bill TekSavvy customers the way they bill their own customers, removing what little opportunity for competition they were forced to offer. Here's the message I sent to the CRTC:

I strongly object to Bell's tariff application to introduce Usage Based Billing. I switched from Bell to one of its DSL competitors because Bell's service was poor and Rogers has at least as bad a reputation. It's completely unreasonable for Bell to force their own business decisions on the competitors. They would remove what little room their is for competition and hold us back even further.

Canadian broadband is already falling behind. It's critical not just that the CRTC act as a check against massive self-interested parties like Bell, but to move to create more room for actual competition. Bell does not have the best interests of Canadians at heart (nor, arguably, should it). We Canadians depend on the CRTC for that.

Please reject Bell's tariff application. Please support small, independent ISPs. Please help Canada reclaim its reputation as a telecommunications leader, instead of the backwater it is becoming.

You can let the CRTC know how you feel by filling out the form here: http://support.crtc.gc.ca/crtcsubmissionmu/forms/Telecom.aspx?lang=e. Select "Tariff" and then put "File Number # 8740-B2-200904989 - Bell Canada - TN 7181" in the subject line. TekSavvy sent me this email, but I think this issue matters to all Canadians who care about the Internet.