What I did on the Monday before Christmas (yesterday)

My mom is in town. This is what she and I got up to yesterday:

  • Bought a fun Christmas gift
  • Worried about my dad's flight getting delayed
  • Worried about getting neighbours to tend to my parents house in NS while the power is out (keeping a fire in the wood stove so the pipes don't freeze)
  • Shopped for wall to wall carpeting for the spare bedroom (to cover the exposed plywood subfloor)
  • Bought "Kwik Foam" spray-on insulation
  • Applied "Kwik Foam" spray-on insluation to ratty plywood board covering broken window in basement
  • Let the disgusting, yellow foam set
  • Applied some more to fill cracks
  • Conducted a protracted freak-out while we figured out what do with the cat once she had investigated the spray-on foam and coated it onto her face, flank and paws.
  • Trimmed bits of fur off cat with nail clippers while she complains about being held for too long
  • Spoke with slightly dizzy agents at help line from DAP, the makers of "Kwik Foam"
  • Tried to console ourselves with these two facts:
    1. if she had been poisoned we'd have known by then
    2. Quik Foam, once dried, is just plastic, and if the cat eats it she will just poop it out later
  • Worried more about my dad's flight
  • Thanked neighbour for putting up with our panic and for keeping my parents' house warm
  • Gave up on plans to pick up my dad because his arrival time kept changing and because my grandmother's car wouldn't start

At around supper time my mom went back to my grandmother's for the night and P (my sweetie) came home. My evening was quiet, with only one additional crisis which we are postponing to a later date.

It's not like yesterday was the worst day of my life. I'm just enjoying this time this morning where I'm not late for something or worrying about something.